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Robotics making joint surgeries easier and safer amid corona scare


Patna, .. Aug :  At a time, when people are afraid of visiting hospitals due to the pandemic, Robotics surgery has been gaining preference by providing the much-needed relief to both doctors and patients by changing the way surgeries are performed. Opposed to the traditional surgery, robotic surgery allows much quicker recovery with faster discharge from the hospital, which in turn lowers the risk of COVID-19 infection thus making hospital visits safer for the patient

With the intent of giving better patient outcomes especially in the COVID-19 time, Anup Institute of Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Centre, Patna is all set to deploy one of the most innovative system, robotics arm-assisted technology for many suffering from painful arthritis of the knee or hip. The robotic arm-assisted system uses a 3D CT-based planning software enabling surgeon to know more about patient’s anatomy to create a personalized joint replacement surgical plan.


Ahead of the launch, Dr. Ashish Singh, Consultant, Anup Institute of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation,  Patna, said, “Robotics is the future, joint replacement surgeries using robotic-arm assisted surgery system enables surgeons to pre-plan and customize each procedure as per the patient’s anatomy thereby improving surgical accuracy. Our patient’s faster recovery will be a testimony to it. Orthopedic ailments have increased considerably due to a sedentary lifestyle and deteriorating nutritional pattern, which is leading to arthritis. We are really excited with the installation of first robotic surgery system at our hospital. Joint replacement with this technology will give a new life to arthritis patients.”

In a robotic arm-assisted surgery everything is pre-planned. With a 3D scanning of the infected joints, it creates a personalized surgical plan for every patient, based on their conditions, anatomy and diagnosis with accurate incisions before the actual surgery. This gives 100% accuracy, no additional incision, which leads to minimal loss of blood, less pain and helps in bone preservation, resulting the body to recover quickly and return to normalcy.

Such medical advancements have significantly benefited the outcome of the joint replacement surgery. This technology is evolving with time and has already proved itself as a game changer in the orthopedic sector. orthopedic surgeons worldwide admit that robotic arm-assisted joint replacement surgeries are far better and safer than the conventional methods because of their consistency and precision. Robotic arm assisted surgery for hip or knee replacement leads to more accurate implant placement, resulting in greater longevity of the implants and lesser revision surgeries.

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